The M1911.ORG Items

Dear friends, The M-1911 Pistols Organization has created some items with our logo, that you can purchase, to proudly show which is your favorite firearm. These items are sold to you at cost, I do not make any money out of them (actually, you will be buying these items, directly from their manufacturers). What I gain, is the feeling of accomplishment, everytime someone asks you "Where did you get this?" and you show them my web address, which is on the items. It's some free advertisement for my sites. Needless to say, that I really appreciate your help and support.

At the moment, you may purchase the following items, with the M1911.ORG logo:

Dear visitors, if you would like to see other items with the M1911.ORG logo on it, please do not hesitate to e-mail me with your suggestion.