My babies

On the 30th of January 1997, I gave birth to seven cute puppies. Here is my experience, described at every possible detail (thanks to the tall dark guy, for details I've forgotten).

Well, labor started at 3:30 in the afternoon. A strange feeling, had got me, as if I wanted to do piss and do poupou (you know what that is, don't you?) at the same time. My belly was actually hurting a bit, but nothing to worry about.

After about one hour, my first puppy, a little brownish male with black line on his back, going from his head to his tail, was born. Uggh, he was wrapped in a membrane, and he was all wet when he came out. Actually, I didn't know what it was, all I was interested in, was that the pain at my ... private part was gone, and that I was all wet and had to clean myself up quickly. The tall guy took care of my first baby, until I was finished with my cleaning chores. He then put the little thing near my belly and WOWWWWW, this creature start sucking my tits, as hard as he could!

God, it felt strange. I start licking the little guy, until I cleaned him up. He was too busy sucking my tits to notice. By that time the tall dark girl had also arrived from work. She and the tall guy were sitting there with me, carressing me and the little guy. Then, the pain started again. At around 6:30pm, my second baby was born. Gee, this one was also a boy, but was he dark! He was almost completely black, except his face (all of the puppies had pink noses, how funny!!), and his belly. Oh, I forgot to say, that as the puppies were coming out, they had a strange tube attached to their belly. Were they funny!!

Again, the tall guy cleaned the puppy while I was too busy, cleaning myself up. Then the newcomer started sucking my tits also. Pretty soon, within maybe a quarter of an hour, the third puppy came out. This time it was a girl, which was also blackish. The same procedure happened (me cleaning myself, the tall guy cleaning the baby, then put her near my belly, and the little devil sucked my tits).

I rested for a couple of hours, and all of a sudden, I saw the tall guy coming towards me, with one of those awfull things with the needle. Before I could protest, he stuck the needle in my leg. "Hey, what are you doing there?" I yelled, but it was too late! Soon, the fourth baby was born and this one really hurt! I do not know why, but it was really painfull. Another girl though, so I was the happy mother of 2 boys and two girls.

This one was also a black one, but had a white spot on her back, right between her shoulders. Again, the same ritual took place. Gush, where were all these liquids coming from? It seemed as if with each baby, I was getting completely wet! I hated that, I had to lick myself clean after each one of them came out.

After about 2 more hours, the fifth baby was born. He was also a male, black and he started crying as soon as he was out. This guy is still, the most loud one of my babies, I call him "Nugh" for that. By this moment, the dark guy had got the hang of cleaning up the babies, so I didn't have to worry about them. This gave me plenty of time to clean myself up. In the mean time, the tall girl went to sleep, for a couple of hours, since she was really tired and it was late in the evening.

After two more hours, the tall guy gave me another shot. He said that he had to do it, if the puppy was not coming out on time. I didn't know that they were following a time-table. Why didn't you say so from the beginning, stupid?

Anyway, it looks that the shot worked, so soon after that, my sixth baby arrived. He was also a boy, which was very very similar to the third puppy. These two, were like twins (or were they twins?). The time was almost 2 o'clock in the morning and I could still feel that I had one more baby to come (Gosh, wouldn't they ever end?). The tall guy was too tired, so he went to bed and the tall girl came and sit with me. I was resting nicely, but I knew that I had to go through it once more.

At around 5 o'clock in the morning, the tall guy came back, and he gave me another shot. That was it, within one more hour, my last baby was out. This one was a girl, greyish, with a thin black line on her back. As soon as the normal ritual was over, and she had her first food from me, I got up. I needed to strech and run a bit. Yeah sure, I was too exhausted to run, so I just went for a walk around the house. The tall girl was actually following my steps, with a towel, cleaning up the blood drips that I was leaving behind. I bet you she didn't like that.

Then I went to sleep. Well, I wanted to sleep, but can you sleep with 7 little creatures sucking your tits, like maniacs? I bet you you can't. Anyway, I napped for some time enjoying my little babies in my lap.

At 12 o'clock, the tall guy took me and my babies to the vet. Gee, this guy was pushing my belly really hard. He then pulled some staff out of my private part, but at the end, he said that I was fine. Sure, sure, I was exhausted, my private part hurt, I was starving and he was saying that I was fine!! Then he examined my puppies. That was the first time that I felt worried about it. Who is this guy who is picking up my puppies and touches them? Hey, leave my kids alone or I'll bite! Then the tall guy told me to stay quiet and that the good doctor was examining my babies to see if they were all OK. Well, after he checked all of them, he said that everything is OK and that the babies were just fine. What did you expected my dear friend? Oh, by the way, I have to thank my vet, whose name is Jacob Konstantinidis, and his assistant, George Kousisis. They are nice people and good friends of mine.

Well, after having my babies for one week now, I can tell you this. They ain't fun. All they care about, is that I am in their bed when they are getting hungry. They do not play, they are not fun. Some times in the evening they fell of the bed, on the floor and then I do not know how to fetch them back in. So they cry, because they miss me. Then I cry and the tall girl comes and puts them in the bed again. The only problem is that she complains about us waking her up so many times each night. Well, it is not my fault! Go tell the puppies. Oh, another thing, Those little ones ARE BLIND! I was worried sick when I discovered that, but then the tall guy told me that they are supposed to be that way and that they will open their eyes after a few days. You see, I want to find out, how many of them have blue eyes, like mine. Let's wait and see.

During this week, the puppies have almost doubled in size. The are really growing rapidly (what with all the food they suck all day long). They started moving around a bit, they climb around each other and on my back, but, most of the time they sleep. They wake up only for food. And you know where they get their food from. ME! They are right, when they say that pregnancy destroys the woman's figure. My tits are SO big now, that they move around as I walk. God, no male dog will ever look at me again, being like that.

Below are some more pictures of my babies, when they became one month old. Aren't they cute?

This is Nugh! Thank God he stopped being so noisy!

Nugh has blue eyes and an asymmetric line between his nose. He turned out to be a very fine, energetic (more than I wanted him to be) puppy.

(John's note : Nugh has left us to some other owners.)

This is Wild (what a mean looking face!).

Wild has also blue eyes.

(John's note : Wild has left us, the proud owner being a young guy from the island of Salamis.)

This guy has one blue eye and one grey!

Stop licking me. Oh, what do you expect from girls!

Now, where is that tall girl with the food?

Victorious Snowy. This was the last to come out of my belly, but the first one to walk around by herself. She left our bed, when she was 2 hours old!

Hmm, I have so many serious things to think about. Like where is MY MILK!!!!!

Now look here, I am the first born and you should respect me!

(John's note : This guy has also a new family now. He was taken by a 16-year-old guy, who came to see him with his girl-friend and his mother. They left, with my pride and joy!)

My head is not your pillow. Take your head off mine, you dammie!

I am Snowy. I am sad, because I've just eaten my food, and there are still three more hours, until next time I'll eat.

Well, here is Snowy, at 7.5 months of age. Doesn't she looks a lot like her mother?

I am Spotty, because of a white spot I have on my back. I might be the smallest one, but I am the meanest one!

(John's note : Spotty has also a new family. After spending one evening at my father's home, where even my mother fell in love with her, she is now living with a nice guy, friend of my father.)

Well, it's been two months now, since the day the puppies were born, and there are now three of them with us. The rest have mysteriously vanished (John's note : Dushka didn't see them being taken away). I can barely live with them, they have grown up now and they are playing all day long, except when they sleep. Snowy is the most noughty of them, she is a real hassle. The little guy, the one with two different eyes, is the most quiet of the three, while the other girl, with the blue eyes is the most energetic. The problem is that the tall guys are playing with them! I hate that I am too jealous to live with it. I simply wish they vanish too.

Latest news : Well, my wish became true! All puppies are gone! I do not believe it! The last one to go, was Snowy, my last-born baby. I nice-looking tall blonde girl came home one evening, and then the tall dark girl took me to my room. When we came back there was nobody home, the tall dark guy was gone, the blonde girl was gone and Snowy was gone. I worried sick. Where is the tall dark guy? I mean, who would protect me and play with me if he doesn't come back? Thank God, he came back after a while, without Snowy and without the tall girl.

After some time (about 2 months) we had gone for a car ride, and we visited a place where I've never been before. Guess what? That was Snowy's new house. Her name is now Riska, and the more she grows up the more she looks like me.

Well, that was it guys and gals. I am alone again at home, and I take full advantage of it. The tall people play only with ME AGAIN!

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