Product Tests : Sidney Ryan scrimshaw grips

As can be seen in the "Grips" folder, Sydney Ryan is producing some very interesting grips, for the M-1911.

First of all, let me tell you that those grips are hand engraved, according to a special method, called scrimshaw engraving. As far as I understand, this method of engraving is an an art form that was made famous by the Old Whalers in the 1800's, who used it to pass their time during long trips at sea. It is the only original American Art Form that is known except for the American Indian! The Whalers would work with anything from Whales Teeth to Ivory from Walrus Tusk to Bones!

Back to our grips though. These grips are made from a very wierd material, which is a mixture of ivory dust and a special epoxy. This material is then vaccum formed (to remove any bubbles, which could lead to breakage) and baked to produce the final grip. On these grips, Sidney is applying his art, creating various figures and shapes.

The grips shown on the left, are his "Southern Comfort" model.

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