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Some time ago, when my beloved 1911s were at the custody of the Greek Police (first months of 2003), I received a message from a company called SPS Marketing Inc., who wanted to send me some products for testing. The products he talked about, were gun-related, a gun lubricant, a gun cleaner and a choke tube cleaner. Having nothing to loose, and being intrigued by the fact that according to the person who wrote me, those products were biodegradeable, I agreed. Very soon a box was delivered to my door.

The first product I got the chance to try, was their gun cleaner and degreaser, called Slip 2000 725. I had attended several shooting matches lately, almost two every week, and in the interim (being too lazy), I didn't bother cleaning up my pistol. After every match, I would just add a little lube at the important places and put it back in my shooting bag.

After three or four weeks, the pistol was very dirty and oily. So one evening I decided to take some time and clean it up. Being so dirty, I thought I shall try the Slip 2000 degreaser on it, so after I disassemble the pistol, I took the degreaser (it comes in a 14 oz spray) and spraid all the parts thoroughly.

It was very interesting to watch how this product was cutting through the grime, the old oil and the powder residue left in the gun. You could actually see the dirt flowing off the parts!

Very soon, all the pistol parts were totally clean and ready for reassembly. Since the degreaser is a water-based product, the manufacturer advises (very prudently) to treat all cleaned parts with oil (preferably their own Slip 2000 Gun Lube), so I took their advise and used their lube to apply a thin coat to all the gun parts.

The lube that they send me was in two containers, one was a 4 oz bottle, with one of those easy to open caps, and the second was in a 1 oz container with a very thin applicator nose. The product is the same, the packaging changes so that you can select the most suitable for your applications. For me, the one with the thin applicator nose went into my gun case, while the bigger bottle stays at home.

I can't say much about the oil, after all an oil is an oil, right? And I do not get the chance (not that I would wish) to test my guns in the desert or in any other extreme condition. So, all I can say about Slip 2000 lube, is that it works as a lube should work. Being biodegradeable, should make it attractive to the environmentalists, since it does not contain any petroleum distilates or PTFEs.

Overall, I would say that these two products are good. The degreaser cuts your cleaning time by maybe 50%, as after treating the parts with it, the grease and deposits just flow off, while the lube does what it is supposed to do, without any bells or whistles.

Good, trustworty products is what we need, and I think these two belong in this category. You can get more info on these products at

P.S. : I didn't had the chance to try their choke tube cleaner, I haven't shot the Remington at all, for more than two years, so I do not know how this product performs. Judging from the other two I tried, I think it will be OK, but I'll update this report, when I try choke tube cleaner.

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