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During the first few months of 2003, while my pistols were safeguarded by the Greek police, I was contacted by Matt Davidson. Matt asked me if I would be interested in trying one of his 3D-textured grips. I answered positively, and I am glad I did so. Very soon I received an envelope, with a set of grips that didn't look like any I've seen until then.

First of all, these grips were made by some unusual material. It reminded me of something, but I just couldn't understand what. I asked Matt about that, and his answer was that the grips he send me were made from a material I know well, from my Folders-R-Us.ORG site.

It was G-10, a composite material much like carbon fiber in some ways. Several knife manufacturers use G-10 for the handles of their knives. The different colors you see in the picture above are the result of layers stacked and laminated. The set you see in the picture above is in black/green/pistachio colors, while other varieties include black/blue, black/red, and olive drab canvas. Below, I tried to show the layers of the material, as they show at the edges of the grips. Of course Matt can make his grips from other more traditional materials, such as wood.

What was more wierd though, was the texture that Matt had machined on those grips. It is a three dimensional texture, which was at the same time unusual and artistic. I fall in love with these grips, at first sight. Look-wise, they are just beautiful, at least in my eyes.

The material and the texture are such, that allow you to get an excellent grip of the pistol, while at the same time the grip panels do not catch on clothing. There is enough texture to offer the user a great, non-slipping grip, while at the same time, they are smooth enough not to engage the shirt or jacket you wear. This is something I like, so these grips will probably adorn one of my pistols from now on.

Matt grips were both beautiful and functional. That's what we are all looking for in a set of grips, I think.

Thanks Matt

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