Parts Manufacturers : Hogue Avenger

This is a conversion kit for the M-1911, which will be introduced in the winter SHOT Show in Las Vegas. I was aware of that kit since August 2003, when its inventor, Peter Spielberger had contacted me and had sent me details about it. However, since this was going to be a patended part, I was not at liberty to disclose any details. Now, the kit is available to the consumers, manufactured by Hogue Tools Inc. and marketed in USA by Hogue Grips. In Europe the Avenger is the called the "PowerSpeed-Avenger" and is markeded by PowerSpeed Trading Ltd. exclusively - not only as a conversion kit, but also as a complete gun. The first 250 units will be inscribed in a collector's fashion and serialized accordingly.

So what is the Avenger?

Well, like other conversion kits, it consists of a whole top-end, i.e. a whole barrel and slide assembly. The interesting thing in this kit, is that it uses a fixed barrel, thus eliminating the tilting barrel setup of the original Browning design, with immediate potential benefits in the accuracy of the pistol. The Avenger is a "Fixed Barrel Conversion" for the M1911 with "Delayed Blowback" mechanism.

The slide itself features adjustable sights, while you can also mount a Picatinny rail for scope mounting, as shown below:

It also features twin ejection ports, and the user can select the side to which his empties would be thrown out from. Finally, at the rear of the slide, you can find some low-profile cocking handles. The whole top-end is mounted on the 1911 frame in the standard way, using the slide stop.

According to the manufacturer:

The Avenger is an entirely new handgun action that is different from anything else ever made before! This new action eliminates the problems associated with using a fixed barrel with high power cartridges. The Avenger is not gas operated and in comparison installs easily on the frame and doesn't suffer from gas operated fouling problems, in fact, the Avenger even works well with lead bullets. The extreme accuracy comes from a match barrel fixed in place with the sighting device, there is simply no movement between the sight and the barrel. The fixed barrel eliminates the need for the costly gunsmithing required to precision fit a conventional slide and barrel. Installation is so simple you can take the Avenger upper off and put the stock slide on in a matter of minutes.

The inventor, Peter Spielberger had send me the following schematics back in August:

Full view.

Avenger closed.

Avenger open.

Parts layout.

A cut-away picture

Here are some details that Peter had send me back then:

1) the barrel is boltet into the barrel block (the dark grey part behind the
green dustcover on the picture above) like at a sniper rifle and does not move at all and is
positioned approx. 0.08" deeper than the standard 1911 barrel

2) the barrel can float free (nothing touches the barrel) - pure accuracy

3) the barrel is surrounded by an aluminum dustcover (green) to reduce the
weight - we are only 3oz heavier than a standard 1911 but have the
weaver-rail included and the outer diameter of the barrel is 0.04" bigger
than the 1911-.45ACP barrel

4) the barrelblock is mounted on the 1911-frame (just slide it on) and fixed
with our ambidextrous slide-catch-levers and does not move - the waever rail
is an integrated part (not bolted to...)

5) there is no tolerance between the direction of the barrel and an optical
sight (both mounted to the barrel block)

6) the locking mechanism (similar to P38 but just upside-down) is connected
with 2 action slides (gold) which travel in a keyway on both sides of the
barrel block and dustcover) and on the front end with the cycle-spring
(around the barrel) - the total weight of all moving masses is 9.78oz

7) when cycling the lockingmechanism moves back (delayed blowback, NOT-gas
operated) and so do the action slides - and forward again

8) the movement is totaly straight - no torque or anything similar

9) the result is a very fast and very smooth action

10) manual cocking is performed by the cocking lever (rear green aluminum
part) - does not move when shooting

11) if you want to eject on the left side - just exchange the
avenger-ejector pin with the avenger extractor and vice versa..

What you have to do to convert to the AVENGER

1) take away the whole upper of your 1911
2) take away the ejector pin and (if existing) the firing pin safety
3) slide the avenger on the 1911 frame
4) fix it with the avenger-slide catch levers
5) load and shoot as usual
6) "after the first shot - dont think of a malfunction because you didnt
feel any action - there will be a hole in the target and a empty firing case
and the hammer will be cocked" (quote of a german shooting magazine editor)


Back then I thought these were impressive characteristics. I still think so, but it remains to be seen how this kit performs in shooters hands.

Peter, a big thank you for trusting me, in the early stages of this project. I appreciate it.

Here are the latest pictures from this project, as it was eventually presented in 2007 IWA show in Germany.