Dushka doesn't like ....


I hate :

- People who make me feel afraid.

- Cats. They always seem to hate my beautiful eyes and try to scratch them.

- Heat. Thank God someone inveneted the air-condition.

- Motorcycles. I hate the noise the produce.

- Tabasco. That's what I was forced to taste when I was relieving myself inside the house.

- Vinegar. I hate the smell.

- Little girls. They tend to yell when they see me and I get nervous.

- to eat bees. They do not taste good and then they bite back. Unpromising!

- to chase birds. They always fly away before I can reach them.

- rolled newspapers.

- shots (especially from a .45 ACP). The noise makes me nervous and there aren't any ear mufflers for dogs.

- poodles. The smaller they are, the more noise they produce.