M-1911 Holsters : Cen-Dex

Cen-Dex is offering the following holster models. The pictures are not of 1911s, but you get the idea of what they look like:


Complete coverage to the rear of the trigger guard (no speed cut). The Basic utilizes the same belt loop as the Taylor Nighthawk – top of the belt loop is approximately 5/8” below the top of the holster. The Basic rides a bit higher than the Storm, so it’s a bit more concealable. The Basic is the holster of choice for Hershel Davis: Director of Training at The Site in Mt. Carroll, IL; Primary Instructor for the Master Firearms Instructor Program at the Police Training Institute, University of Illinois; and Senior Command Master Chief, Naval Special Warfare, Retired.


Cen-Dex has been making Chuck Taylor’s Kydex® holsters for several years, now, and when Chuck offered to lend his name to this holster, they readily accepted. For those not familiar with Chuck’s name or credentials, very quickly: after serving as a Captain in the Army Rangers in Vietnam, Chuck was the first General Manager of Gunsite when it opened in 1975; a past editor of S.W.A.T. magazine, Chuck has written several books and hundreds of magazine articles on guns and shooting; and, for many years, has conducted training through his American Small Arms Academy (ASAA). The Taylor Nighthawk has a speed cut of 1” – 1 ½” in the top front of the holster. The speed cut allows the muzzle to clear the holster just a bit more quickly. The cut is also beneficial as an index for re-holstering without taking your eyes off of the target (no cheating). The top of the belt loop is approximately 5/8” below the top of the holster. Like the Basic, the Nighthawk rides a bit high. This is also the holster of choice for the ever-humble guys at the HALO Group in Concord, CA.


Inside the Waistband holster is just that, designed for concealed carry. The thickness of Kydex® is substantial enough to provide a durable, secure holster, but adds little to the width of the pistol. The rigidity of the holster is an important asset as the holster does not collapse after weapon presentation, allowing for one-handed re-holstering. The belt loop is closed for security and set at a 15 degree forward cant.

Unaffected by sweat, the holster cleans and disinfects easily with hot water and soap.


The Storm is currently their only I.D.P.A. approved holster, although they’re hoping to receive approval for several other belt holster models shortly. Originally designed for D.R. Middlebrooks, champion competition shooter and director of the Tactical Shooting Academy in Surry, VA, the Storm has a speed cut in front and the belt loop is flush with the top of the holster. Sitting approximately 5/8” lower than the Taylor Nighthawk, the Storm is better for competition purposes, but still concealable.

They’ve recently made a customized version of the Storm for Will Smith (no, not that Will Smith), a local competition shooter. Will’s holster has a thicker belt loop that seats the holster a bit further from the body, and a vertical slot in the belt loop for locking the holster in place by sliding the belt through the pants belt loop as well. Additionally, they made the new belt loop out of thicker Kydex, which makes the entire holster more rigid. Cen-Dex liked the custom so much that it’s now the standard Storm model.


For the minimalist shooter (not minimal skill, of course). The Crew Cut design allows the pistol muzzle to protrude through the bottom of the holster, yet maintains a solid purchase on the weapon. Whether we carry open or concealed, we're still required to disarm when entering certain buildings such as the post office. The Crew Cut, when empty, is hardly noticeable as a gun holster.


This holster was originally designed for Sara Dunivin, IDPA National Champion, and dubbed the "Desert Rose". The problem they ran into was the desire for male customers to also use this model for competition. The new name had to be acceptable to ladies, but also palatable for males. So here's the Lo' Boy. Simply put, the Lo' Boy is a dropped version of the Storm. Females generally being shorter waisted than males, Cen-Dex dropped the holster approximately 1.25" for easier presentation. The drop in height also achieves a better presentation angle of the pistol, so that it doesn't point so abruptly into a lady's mid-section. It's for these same reasons that the Lo' Boy is appealing to male shooters who want their pistol a bit lower and further out than "normal", while staying within the realm of "practical". Speed cut in top front 1" - 1.5" of holster. Slotted belt loop for locking in pants belt loop if desired. While the Lo' Boy works very well for Sara and many other women, the design is limited to certain body types. So, for the ladies who are somewhat curvier in the hip, drop us a line, and we'll add a few degrees of angle to the belt loop to achieve a better presentation.


Taser thigh rig features:
- full coverage holster body
- ambidextrous
- adjustable, molded-in retention
- robust Kydex leg shroud for greater stability
- 2" Nylon suspension strap with quick-release, Fastex belt loop
- 2" elastomeric leg strap with Fastex buckle

Several accessories are also offered, shown below: