Parts Manufacturers : Bul Transmark

Bul Transmark is an Israeli manufacturer producing a wide frame kit, for the M-1911. This frame is using space age precision injected fiber reinforced polymer and molded around a stainless steel implant.

From its manufacturer page : Totally resistant to corrosion and chemicals it will withstand extreme temperatures, conditions and all types of gun cleaning a lubrication solutions. Designed according to guidelines laid out by ergonomics specialists, this is the slimmest hi capacity multi caliber frame on the market today! Comfortably gripped by even small handed shooters, packed with standard features other guns boast as enhancements. Adaptable to all makes of optical sights, this frame is ideal for modification and IPSC style customizing. Totally 1911 compatible( other then the parts supplied in the kit), this frame will upgrade your old 7 or 8 round auto pistol - at a price you won't believe !!! Available in black or military green, this frame handles all calibers without modification.

The frame kit includes:

1. Polymer & stainless steel frame.

2. Stainless steel beavertail grip safety.

3. Checkered main spring housing.

4. Serrated speed trigger.

5. Checkered magazine catch.

6. One magazine.

Standard features include: lightweight polymer and stainless steel frame, high swept stainless steel grip safety, checkered main spring housing, checked front strap, checkered mag catch, beveled mag well, checkered and hooked square trigger guard contoured for higher & tighter grip and precision grounded rails to tight tolerance. Featuring a lightweight speed trigger and checkered main pring housing, this frame weighs in at only 10oz (280gr)!

There is also a special model, equipped with scope mounts, which has the following features (again, from its manufacturers page) :

The same as the above, with a custom fitted scope mount. This hi tech single sided mount, is installed according to the proven and tested Weigand patent and design. Available with two types of dovetail mounts:

1. Standard 90deg dovetail mount.

2. Angled side dovetail mount for PDP4 and other large diameter scopes.