There are more books written about the M-1911 pistol than any other firearm in the world. A kind visitor noted the absence of such a reference in the M1911.ORG, so I've got involved in an effort to collect information about publications dealing with this pistol. Living outside USA, makes such an endeavor quite cumbersome though, as these titles are usually unavailable in Greece, imported only seldomly. Here is what I have collected so far.

If the book title is a link (in blue letters and underline), you may click on it, to read a review of that book. The review will open in a new browser window. Close it to return here.
Title Subtitle Author Publisher ISBN
The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide The complete owner's guide. Walt Kuleck Walt Kuleck -
The M1911 Complete Assembly Guide What the title says, a complete assembly guide. Walt Kuleck Walt Kuleck -
The Shooter's Guide To The 1911 Pattern Pistol M1911 guide (Vol.2) Stephen A. Camp Stephen A. Camp 0-9749008-2-6 or 0-9749008-3-4
Model 1911 Automatic Pistol   Robert Campbell Stoeger Publishing Company 0-88317-295-X
LIVING WITH THE 1911 A Fresh Look at the Fighting Gun Robert H. Boatman Paladin Press  
Pistol, Automatic, Cal.45, M1911A1 Diagrams & Pictures, First Edition Eric A. Nicolaus Nicolaus Associates 978-0-9795093-1-5
Colt Automatic Pistols   Donald B. Brady Pioneer Press 1-87704-39-3
The Tactical 1911 The Street Cop's and SWAT Operator's Guide to Employment and Maintenance Dave Lauck Paladin Press 0-87364-985-0
The Government Models The Development of the Colt Model of 1911 William H. Goddard Andrew Mowbray Inc. 0-917218-24-8
Colt 45 Service Pistols Models of 1911 and 1911A1 Charles W. Clawson    
Colt .45 Automatic : A Shop Manual Volume 1 Jerry Kuhnhausen Heritage-VSP Publications ID 83638-0887
The U.S. M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Volume 2 Jerry Kuhnhausen Heritage-VSP Publications ID 83638-0887
The Custom Government Model Pistol   Layne Simpson Wolfe Publishing 1-879356-57-0
The Gun Digest Book of the .45   Dean A. Grennell DBI Books Inc. 0-87349-043-6
The Gun Digest Book of the 1911 A complete look at the use, care & repair of the 1911 pistol Patrick Sweeney DBI Books Inc. 0-87349-281-1
The Gun Digest Book of the 1911, Vol. 2 A Complete look At The Use, Care & Repair of the 1911 Pistol Patrick Sweeney Krause Publications 0-89689-269-7
Colt .45 Government Models (Commercial Series) 1912 through 1970 Charles W. Clawson Krause Publications 0-9633971-1-7
The .45 Automatic An American Rifleman Reprint   NRA  
Know your .45 Auto Pistols Models 1911 & A1 E.J. Hoffschmidt Blacksmith Corp.  
1911 Auto Maintenance Manual   Bill Wilson Wilson Combat  
Combat Customizing The 1911 Auto As done by the pistolsmiths of Wilson's Gunshop Inc. Bill Wilson Wilson Combat  
John M. Browning American Gunmaker John Browning & Curt Gentry Browning Co.  
45 Auto Custom Touches   R.D.Nye Firing Pin Enterprises  
Hallock's .45 Auto Handbook   Kenneth Hallock Gun Show Books
Le Colt 45 auto (in French) Collection, Evolution et Identification Michel Malhrebe Crepin-LeBlond 2-7030-0075-8
The Colt 1911 Automatic Pistol Its Predecessor and Variations Larry Hacker Pioneer Press 0-9131-5064-9
Colt 1911 e 1911A1 (in Italian)   Roberto Allara Editoriale Olimpia ( 88-253-0066-2
Full-Auto Conversion For Browning Pistols   Gerard Henrotin H&L Publishing This is an e-book.
Download it here.
Colt Model 1911 and early prototypes   Gerard Henrotin H&L Publishing This is an e-book.
Download it here.
Colt 1911 A1 Explained   Gerard Henrotin H&L Publishing This is an e-book.
Download it here.

If you know of any other title, related to the M-1911/M-1911A1 and not included here, please send me all the details (title, subtitle, author, publisher, ISBN), so that I can include it in this list. My appreciation goes to all who helped collecting this information.