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- I have an XHZ 1911 with serial number 1234567. When was it made?
- I have an ABC 1911 with serial number 9876543. What is its value?

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Also, in this section, I'll be presenting you with items of Collectors interest. For example, see below a couple of pictures of a special vinyl pouch, which was used during WWII, to keep water away from your pistol, during amphibious operations etc.

I think they are called by collectors "invasion bags". It was folded along the blue dotted lines, and then rolled down with a stiff piece of plastic at the top, and there is a strap with snap on the backside that fastens to the snap on the front side.

And here is a picture of a 1911A1 sealed in the bag. In Scott Meadows book on U.S. military holsters there is a WWII vintage photo of an officer with his .45 wrapped in one of the bags and in an M3 shoulder holster.

I hope you find this interesting.

- John