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 Product Tests

In this section, you can find tests of various products. These products are either owned by me or send to M1911.ORG by various manufacturers for test and evaluation. Please forgive me, if the tests are not as thorough as you (or I) would like. I have never proclaim to be a gun expert, simply a gun lover. These tests reflect my personnal opinion or the opinion of the person who did the test, about the item under review. They might not be very objective, but hey, we are only humans.

There are some cases, when the product was not tested by me, but by someone else. In these cases, the source of the report is given credit and clearly shown.

If any of the pictures in the following pages do not show, it means that either that this product is no longer produced by its manufacturer (so the picture is no longer in their site), or that the manufacturer's site has vanished from the Net. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Finally, all tests will open in this window. Use your browser "Back" button to return to the Product Tests. Do not use the links provided at the bottom of each test, they do not work. To return to the M1911.ORG Forums site, close this window.

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Airsoft Project

Our forums site has started a project, in August 2005, through which we wanted to evaluate, the possibility of using Airsoft pistols, as an alternative for real pistol practice and training. For this reason, we collected several Airsoft pistols, and put them through their paces. If you do not know what Airsoft is, we have included some newbie material as well, for your reading pleasure. All links below will open in a new browser window.

The following Airsoft pistols have been tested by the M1911.ORG Team, and the reports can be found below.

Individual Reports

If you want to find out more about the usage of Airsoft guns in training and practicing, you may visit our AirSoft Guns Practice and Training Forums section.

If you want to participate in our discussions, on this (and of course, other 1911-related) topics, please visit our Forums Site and register. Registration is free, of course, and there is a wealth of information on the 1911 pistols there.